volunteers donating time to a charitable foundation to help others in need

Together we are a great charitable organization.

Together we are a great charitable organization.

Together we are a great charitable organization.Together we are a great charitable organization.

Giving back & life-changing experiences -  making a positive difference.



Our Team


Our amazing team of regulars and part-time volunteers in this charitable organization are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good helping hand in/for Liberia in this non profit organization? Get in touch for more information or make your donations below and invite others to do likewise to your example!

Our History


Seeing a need for energetic, non profit organization work in communities in Liberia, we formed our charitable organization to provide sensible solutions. We've consistently grown since then, all thanks to the helping hands of our amazing community and donations!

Our Mission


We focus on making the maximum positive effort for our communities through your donations. Our members and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect change through this charitable organization. We are a non profit organization registered and working in Liberia. Please see the letter below from our Executive Director Raphaelyn Bomosy.




In Liberia, a socially conscious brave-minded group of people have formed together over recent years to assist those less fortunate in Liberian society. It is my heartfelt pleasure to be a part of that team.

As part of our many activities – 

· We distribute food to the elderly, struggling young mothers and others who are challenged in providing adequate nourishment for their families.

· We provide Christmas and other celebrations for our youth to encourage a worthy and positive life, avoiding the attractiveness of drugs or gangs.

· We foster development of peace ambassadors, as well as participate in peace rallies, international women’s events and other like movements for the benefit of the youth, our communities and Liberia itself.

· We help develop in our community the ability to prepare wholesome meals for families but are limited due to lack of equipment and necessary cooking supplies. We want to change this limitation in our communities.

· We seek to educate our youth by sponsoring them into school education programs by paying their tuition fees – though much more is needed by way of books, uniforms, equipment and other school aids.

· We endeavour to do whatever we can do as individuals and a team to assist with positive development and frame of mind of community members.

Some photos tell more about our activities to enhance understand of us.

However, the more we do the more we recognise that there is more to do.

Because of this, we’ve rallied around and formally established The Raphaelyn Foundation Inc as a registered not-for-profit charity. It is our powerful hope that we’ll be able to obtain sponsorships, funding and donations to support our many causes, plans and hopes for a better future.

Personally, I’m scared by the size of our dreams. But I believe we are better off striving for large goals and falling somewhat short than striving for small goals and simply accomplishing them, when we likely could do better!

With willing friends, I have faith that together we’ll develop the avenues we need to make a huge positive difference in our community and the communities of Liberia for a peaceful future prosperity for all its people.

I would urge you to do whatever you can do to assist us with sponsorship, publicity, funding or donations so we can make life more positively liveable for those less fortunate in Liberia.

May I wish you well for a blessed future for yourself and those you love.


Raphaelyn C N Bomosy

Executive Director



Without me, the work of this dedicated and energetic group of people would continue the work of this charitable organization. I'm simply privileged to be part of this group of wonderful caring people in helping our immediate community and others beyond.

Without you, our dedicated supporters, sponsors and donors we would not be able to achieve what we have achieved already and what we hope and plan to achieve in the years to come.

Please give donations generously at anytime as there are always those needing help. In 2020 our plans will be announced to massively increase our self-sustainability across various communities as a non profit organization. 

Without your help though it won't happen, or will be much slower in happening. 

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